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WALLYCOIN crypto token

2022-09-13 YASH0786 12,767 Member

Use Wallecoin for all of your crypto needs. We intend to enable our users the latest advances in crypto currency technology. We appreciate everyone that invests in our and inevitably your future. That is what we intend to do with WALLYCOIN

To see this post you need to have 100 WALLYCOIN  in your balance. Visit trade page and create buy order to get required tokens.

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SocialCoin 2022-09-13

Hello, welcome to SocialCoin (SOC) !!! The SocialCoin has a total supply of 10.000.000 token, the token contract address is: 0x6bb42A1DADd20cC13D21a03777F1879C5d731FD3. The token holder address is: 0xaD18e8dDfCA37Db502cC90a5047b07e24E18233A. There will be no ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or any other Coin selling. 90 % (9.000.000 Coins) are reserved for the community as a reward Coin for submitting scam and warnings and other earnings in our telegram group. 10 % (1.000.000 Coins) are for the founder, developer and creator to keep the project: (a scam fighting website) alife. These 10 % can only be sold, when it comes to another listing on another Exchange. The aim is to develop an own blockchain with our own SocialCoin. Developing a blockchain is very expensive and will be the hardest step. We were running a 100.000 views and banner campaign to become more popular. If there are any questions, you can write to [email protected] learn more

VIGO 2022-09-13

  • TOKEN Vigo - Galicia. Os cartos de hoxe. TOKEN VIGO city of Vigo - Galicia - Spain - EU. Today's money.
  • Token Vigo es un paso en la historia de los tokens inspirados en ciudades.Homenaje a la ciudad de Vigo.
  • Lanzamiento 10/06/2020 el 25% la emision de inmediato: 2.500.000 Token Vigo.
  • Tiempo para completar la emision 12 meses. Total de emision 10.000.000 Token Vigo.

CCI2 2022-09-13

CCTVRADIO GROUPS within our organization we have a base called CCI-OH Central Corp. Intelligence - Operation Hacker; We are made up of young people and people with knowledge of justice. Called Ethical Hacker.

What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is an electronically generated unit that uses advanced encryption techniques for generation, transfer, and validation. Compatible with ERC20 and ERC223 Smart Contracts and blockchain enabled DApps, secured by websites and Internet of Things

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