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navigation components to hookup a couple of fragments to specific one

2022-09-13 user_9165168999 194 Member

I have an app, which consist of a couple of fragments. Most of them, are using data from database to perform API call. One of the fragments, display just a single spinner, which contains currency names inside it. Whenever user will click on any of the rows of the spinner, the base currency will be changed.

Whenever user want to change the base currency, he can click an icon on toolbar. After moving from some fragment, into the one who can change the base currency, I'd like to after selecting some currency from spinner, just to return to previous using fragment.

I'd like to ask, if using the Nagivatioln Components such as graph, host etc, are good way to approch it? Because whenever I will hookup all fragments to that which changing base currency, how does my app would know which fragment will be called?

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Rakshit Tanti 2022-09-13

You can definitely use the nav graph. Whenever you will hookup all fragments to that which changing base currency you need to use the action for each connection and give it some identifier that you will be able to use it in your code. You can use back navigation to go back to the previous fragment. You can also have a common action in the root that you can use in all your fragments.

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