Transfer funds to other account | faucetpay

Post on 02/04/2022

If you have a multiple account on and you want to transfer your funds to main account, follow this tutorial.

1) First goto Transfer Tab.

2) Enter the following informations:

  • Api key
  • Amount
  • Receiver Email address
  • Crypto type.

*API KEY : to get your api key goto login or signup, next goto Dashboard › Faucet Owner Dashboard › and fill-up the following info *Faucet name and * faucet domain. and click Add faucet. after successful creating faucet click Reveal button to get your api key.

Transfer funds tut 1

*screenshot #2

Transfer #2

*NOTE:  in the amount, remove the (.)

proper format: 

❌ 0.00010000

✔️ 10000

Video tutorial


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