FEY Faucet app v 5.0 upcoming release

Post on 02/07/2022

FEY faucet app will be launch soon on the market, before completely release the new update we are sharing some major updates.

✔️ FAUCET: change the time interval to 65 seconds. reward per claim 0.00450000 - 0.00550000 FEY. If you block the AD, or some reason the AD fail to load inside the app, the claim limit reduce from unlimited claim to 2x claim per attemp.

🆕 RATE:  rate button in google playstore.

🆕 NOTES: Here we post the upcoming event or changes for fey faucet app.

✔️ CPU mining: This features still available.

Fey faucet app version 5.0 upcoming release


Before we launch this new version we need to ask more suggestion from the user's to improve the application. No date for the official release.

Comment below about new upcoming release 👍 

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