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Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary 10th edition ver [1.0.5273] Mod Apk

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User » Rabinzel player
Date » 2022-09-20
Downloads » 1,001
Track » 1317452109
Hash » 7ce9d8923ddce956bc697ce2b98c204c

NOTE: This a modded version of Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary 10th edition ver [1.0.5273] it contain modification unlimited coin, gems etc.. if you want to use the original version. Download on Google playstore.

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Nicole Martin 2023-03-13

I love it the game it's so fun to play.. there are a few things that is while not major issues but it does take some fun away from the game.. but that is just my opinion.. The 1st issue that I have is about how difficult it is finding equipments.. I wish a crafting option will be made in future updates.. The 2nd is that you cant repeat a mission The Idle loot system is good but It gets boring if im just waiting to collect specially when I did all the quest and cant get pass strong teams or mobs

Douglas Anderson 2023-03-14

Awesome game. Theres calm games to play when im sick, horror games to play when im bored, and action games to play with friends. There's a few problems though. One is that sometimes I buy something with a bunch of robux, but then it deletes it. Please fix that. Another, when im on a call with my friends, my screen keeps going black, and then when it's on again, either it completely messes up the movements, or freezes my game, both causing me to waste another 5 minutes getting into the game.

Jacob adams 2023-03-14

Alr so I wanna start by saying this is a great app it has all of the genres I like and the graphics 👌 but lately I've had problems. For example. My avatars clothes got deleted and I had to wait THREE DAYS. To get them back. That's happened before but I don't know why? Second. Sometimes when I'm doing an obby and die while holding the jump button it glitches and my avatar keeps jumping and I have to pull down the menu for it to stop. It's really annoying. Third. I HATE. The toxic people. 8/10. »

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