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DiamondFaucet - BCH yes
DiamondFaucet - DASH yes
DiamondFaucet - ZEC yes
DiamondFaucet - BNB yes
DiamondFaucet - USDT yes
DiamondFaucet - DOGE yes
DiamondFaucet - LTC yes
DiamondFaucet - BTC yes
DiamondFaucet - Trx yes
Bitstart no
Dogecoiner yes
Cryptoo - LTC yes
Cryptoo - DASH yes
Cryptoo - TRX yes
Cryptoo - Doge no
CoinDiversity yes
Cryptotime yes
Multifaucet - ZEC yes
Multifaucet - DGB yes
Multifaucet - TRX yes
Multifaucet - SOL yes
Multifaucet - DASH yes
Multifaucet - LTC yes
Multifaucet - Doge yes
Ethiomi - BCH yes
Ethiomi - LTC yes
Ethiomi - Tron yes
Ethiomi - Dash yes
Ethiomi - Doge no
Claimbits yes
Ibits yes
Starbits yes

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