Dogecoin Mining app and faucet.

Is a android applications where users can claim crypto currency inside in our application.


✔️ Mining app. claim 800-1500 per 60 seconds (REWARD BASE - NONE CPU MINING)

✔️ CPU mining (FEY MINERS)

✔️ Faucet apps 250,000 doge per 50 seconds

✔️ Video ads (Watch video ads and earn doge)

✔️ Tron miners (earn 4,9000 - 10,000 trx per 10 seconds Autopayment NONE CPU MINING instant)

✔️ Short link

✔️ Faucetpay (PTC)

❌ Icoinpay [ads may content adults.]

✔️ Unique url: Earn 0.001 dogecoin per visit.

Faucet list for faucetpay

Update: Feb, 16 2022

File format: apk

size: 4.4 MB

Filename: doge_v10.apk

Version: 11.0

Download v.12.0 [Direct Link]

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